Voted Best Thai Restaurant and Best Carry out by the Pitch.

At Lulu's we have our own way of doing things.

We are sweet and a little spicy, just like the traditional Thai dishes we serve. It is this delicious balance that has made us a popular neighborhood spot for over 17 years. We believe family is important. Each time we make a dish at Lulu's, we honor my father's family recipes. Because we make all of our dishes to order, we promise, whenever possible, to accommodate any special requests.

We appreciate our hard working staff for the work that they do for us and for who they are as individuals. We appreciate that same quality in our guests. So, whether you love noodles or rice, like it hot or not, eat meat or veg out, we make sure your food is fresh, hot and as individual as you are.

Know Your Noodles..

Noodles play an important role in Thai cuisine.  When in Thailand you will see noodle vendors on three-wheeled bicycle carts, along the canals in floating restaurants, and in stalls and shops that line almost every street in Bangkok. 

There are many varieties of noodles available in Thailand.  Lulu’s uses primarily rice, cellophane (made from bean sprouts,) and egg noodles.

When a Thai orders noodles he/she will specify the type of noodle desired.  The customer then indicates the condiments they prefer: dried chili flakes, crushed peanuts, sugar, fried garlic, a shake of Nam Pla (fish sauce), or chili garlic sauce.  Lulu’s prefers to adopt this traditional method for serving sliced chicken/BBQ pork or pork wontons as a bowl of soup.  The intent is for our guests to season to their own personal taste.  

At Lulu’s condiments are available on all tables or upon request from your server.  Lulu suggests seasoning with all of the condiments using a heavier hand on the seasoning you prefer more pronounced.  There is no right or wrong way to eat these dishes…season to your hearts content and enjoy!

Kop Khun…thank you…for dining with us!

Family Recipes

Our food comes from our family to your's. Rich in taste and tradition.

Drinks All Around

Lulu's has a robust menu of drinks for any occasion.

Fresh Ingredients

Our dishes are full of the freshest ingredients we can find.