all our meat is hormone and antibiotic free

So now you know… all our proteins are hormone and antibiotic free! So where does it come from? To begin with, our chicken comes from Crescent Poultry.  Crescent chickens are fed an all natural, USDA certified 100% Vegetarian diet of pure grains and soy, free of any animal by products and processed animal protein. Not only are they cage free and hand processed, but humanely handled as well. Our beef comes from Creekstone Farms, an organization based in Kansas that offers gold standard Black Angus Beef. The black angus cattle are hand selected, humanely treated, and raised and grazed in midwest pastures. The Creekstone Farms Premium Black Angus Beef program is one of the few branded programs certified by the USDA. This certification ensures superior products through more stringent guidelines and ongoing inspections at the facilities they own themselves - where they oversee every step of their operation.

Our tofu comes from Chunco, a locally owned operation that began growing their own mung beans over 40 years ago to sell to local restaurants and Asian markets. Today, they use midwest-grown soybeans to make the tofu used by restaurants all over Kansas City, including yours truly. We prepare fresh and fried tofu here at Lulu’s!

Our seafood vendors each have high sustainability standards and practices. As is applies to seafood, sustainability means taking a long-term view of how farming actions affect future generations and making sure we do not deplete resources. From the wild-caught loligo squid we use as our fried calamari to the wild Alaskan Cod in our Hot Pot Seafood, we take responsible farming from our oceans just as seriously as we do our local farms here in the midwest.